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  • Builders in Hampstead.

    SA BUILD hires only the most experienced and trustworthy painting contractors in London. We provide a variety of services from wall painting to wall spraying and plastering. No matter if your project is a complex or a simple one, we will be happy to help your dreams come true. With a 15-year-old experience comes the knowledge how to handle the most demanding and difficult of tasks. We pride ourselves with high-quality services and we will do everything to make you satisfied with the result. For more information, visit our website.

    Loft conversion

    SA Builders offer not only simple renovation works, but also such advanced ones as a loft conversion. London is where they are located and where they mostly work, however, you can also give them a call from the surrounding counties. As they always try to match their prices with a clients financial possibilities, it is always worth asking them for a non-binding quote. In order to make very precise, they will come to your premise and analyse a particular building.

    158 Uxbridge Road West Ealing W13 8SB London

  • Software Development Outsourcing Poland.

    Baroo Software offers professional software development outsourcing straight from Poland. The company employs alumni of the best universities in the country and Europe, who are ambitious, driven and ready to face various challenges. The team learned to work together efficiently to always meet the deadlines set by their clients. They can assist in core development of products for iOS and Android, but also create elaborate software using Java, Grails, MySQL and many other technologically-advanced solutions.

    Software development outsourcing - Poland

    Poland is developing fast new engineers and programmers thanks to its fairly easy access to higher education. Universities of technology from the country each year open their doors for ambitious young people. Thanks to that approach, Baroo Software was able to recruit determined, brilliant and intelligent employees, able to deal with a variety of projects for their clients. The software development outsourcing performed in Poland is of the highest quality - using brand new solutions and implementing valuable technologies.

    Baroo Software
    108 Lower Baggot Street Dublin 2
    544 449 444

  • Personalised soundproofing services.

    People who want to increase the functionality and the comfort of their house or even an office, should get in touch with London Sound Solutions Ltd. These professionals deal with a number of soundproofing services - floors, walls, ceilings and more, but also design and make recording studios. They have a broad knowledge about the various materials used for noise-insulation and the way these works should be carried out. On their website the clients can get acquainted with pictures of some of the projects they are responsible for.

    Soundproofing floors

    Soundproofing floors is one of the many steps that need to be taken to create a noise-free space. It is extremely useful in creating buildings with a number of stories, because it protects the people in the apartments or rooms below from experiencing the sounds of stomping and more. It also decreases the vibration from listening to loud music and watching movies, which is important especially to people who are interested in installing a chandelier. Soundproofing floors may protect it from falling down and getting damaged due to trembling and shaking.

    London Sound Solutions Ltd
    158 Uxbridge Road W13 8SB London