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  • A manufacturer of optical discs and and tapes.

    Are you looking for a dependable optical discs and cassette tapes manufacturer? Look no further, Printmasta has everything that you might need - from professional machines for CD replication, through systems responsible for printing the artworks that are going to be used inside of the boxes. The company works with various clients - both with companies dealing in the production of music albums and with individuals, who simply want to prepare a number of discs or tapes for their closest circle of family and friends.

    Cassette tape production

    If you are a fan of everything retro you will definitely appreciate one of the services offered by the company. Printmasta offers highly professional cassette tape production, including the customisation of the plastic box and replicating the audio provided by the customer. Since the introduction of optical discs, this format had been slowly being forgotten, however many enthusiasts still are fond of it. If you are also a person who prefers distributing music via cassette tapes, Printmasta's production will definitely fulfil your wishes.

    Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18 02-561 Warszawa

  • An ambitious team of professionals - London Sound Solutions Ltd.

    London Sound Solutions Ltd - a team of soundproofing specialists from the biggest city in the United Kingdom are a wise choice for people in the middle of renovating their house or creating a work-friendly environment. The noise barriers installed by the company will help in creating a peaceful and cosy space. Their experience and knowledge can be seen especially during the planning phase - the team needs to measure every part of the room and then try to think of the best solutions for a particular client.

    Soundproofing specialists - London, UK

    These soundproofing specialists from London will make sure every apartment is safe from the noise and the residents are able to relax. Their methods are widely used by a number of other companies, so the customer can be sure the offered solution is top quality and reliable. Even though London Sound Solutions operates mostly in the capital, depending on the size of the project and its significance, they will more often than not work in many other parts of the United Kingdom. The website provides all the information one may need while getting in touch with the company.

    London Sound Solutions Ltd
    158 Uxbridge Road W13 8SB London

  • European Transport.

    A reliable company offering freight forwarding in Europe, Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd, is known for its dedication to the client’s needs. They strive to fulfil all their requests, at the same time offering cost-effective and quick solutions. The company transports cargo to Poland from the United Kingdom, but also helps in express deliveries between any two countries in Europe. Their services are reliable and the huge distribution network, as well as a team of trained professionals help in taking care of timely cargo shipping.

    Transport to Poland

    Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd offers road transport to Poland for both small and big companies. Their fleet of vehicles is incredibly varied to allow for deliveries of different sorts – for example, for the food industry they prepared refrigerated vans and for large amounts of cargo, trucks that can take up to 6,000 kg payloads. Such a diversity helps their customers find the most suitable option and save as much money as possible. Transport to Poland takes place a couple of days a week for smaller deliveries (part loads and groupage), but the full-loads are scheduled by the company separately.

    Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd
    48 Cotswold Road SS0 8AB Essex

  • Driveways and patios.

    Driveways and patios built by a Dublin-based company – BestPaving are some of the best you can find in Ireland. They are functional and solid, but at the same time they look wonderful and match your house perfectly. BestPaving is a huge advocate of working closely with the customer to ensure their satisfaction and to fulfil all their wishes and dreams. Years of experience gave its employees the ability to implement even very complicated projects. They pride themselves on using only the most reliable and quality materials that are responsible for the longevity of the pavements, driveways and patios they make.

    Best Paving
    Ruanbeg Crescent 21 R51 HR66 Kildare

  • Ethanol fireplace.

    An ethanol fireplace is an amazing solution for everyone who would like to enjoy the warmth of real flames at home, but without contaminating the atmosphere. The smog floating over the big cities becomes a more and more difficult problem and in order to prevent it from developing, we should get rid of the harmful smoke, reducing the toxic substances in air. It is worth remembering that they can cause many serious diseases. Check out how easily you can apply an iron cartridge with ethanol to your fireplace on

    Lipowa 3 30-702 Kraków
    504 455 825

  • Gel stickers.

    Gel sticker, which we propose are high quality products manufactured in accordance with the project chosen by the client or ours, which has been accepted by him. Your company logo in the form of three-dimensional sticker is certainly an interesting idea for a gadget that will appeal to anyone regardless of age. Label is resistant to scratches due to any embodiment of epoxy resin and modern production technology.

    Best promotional
    13 Tansey Grove M7 4TA Salford Lancashire
    0161 792 4044