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  • High quality services.

    If you are looking for best-quality books printing services, Opolgraf is the perfect choice. They are constantly upgrading their machinery framework, having the obtained European Union grant at their disposal. Thanks to the use of a very modern software which schedules their production, they are very flexible and always able to provide their customers with information about the current phase of the process. Opolgraf ensures their clients of fully professional service at the lowest possible cost.

    Mieczysława Niedziałkowskiego 8 45-085 Opole
    77 454 52 44

  • Gel stickers.

    Gel sticker, which we propose are high quality products manufactured in accordance with the project chosen by the client or ours, which has been accepted by him. Your company logo in the form of three-dimensional sticker is certainly an interesting idea for a gadget that will appeal to anyone regardless of age. Label is resistant to scratches due to any embodiment of epoxy resin and modern production technology. Welcome to our website

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    13 Tansey Grove M7 4TA Salford Lancashire
    0161 792 4044